Increase the amount of size of the site description!!

To increase the site short description:

First Update the Database:

Go to your database and select Config table and edit the Config_value 255 to 2550 and then save it.

Second Go to adm/index.php:

$validator[$max] = (isset($validator[$max])) ? min(255, $validator[$max]) : 255;

replace with:

$validator[$max] = (isset($validator[$max])) ? min(255, $validator[$max]) : 2550;

Third Go to includes/acp/acp_board.php:

'site_desc'=> array('lang' => 'SITE_DESC','validate' => 'string', 'type' =>'text:40:255', 'explain' => false),

Replace with

'site_desc'=> array('lang' => 'SITE_DESC','validate' => 'string', 'type' =>'text:40:2550', 'explain' => false),

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