Root category management for magento website!!

Some time it is confusing for some one new to the magento about the Root category.
Mainly maggento can handle multiple-store. So it use root category. Root category is used to assign a category to a particular website. That means a single root category must be assign to a unique website.
I can give a particular example which might overcome all confusion.
Suppose we have these categories:


And we have two website Named Wdbsite1, website2.
And we need to assign Category1-category4 to website1 and rest of all to website2.
So we need to add two Root categories named RootCategory1 which represent the Website1 and RootCategory2 which represent website2.
And then build this scenario to full fill this. As::

For Website1
->>(subcategory) Category1,Category2,Category3,Category4

For Website2
->>(subcategory) Category5,Category6,Category7

Then Assign those root-categories to the respected websites.

Now the technical Point of view:

To Add RootCategory:
go to admin panel=> Then….
Catalog->manage Category
then click Root Category From Left top corner.
Important things(when you add a new Root Category you must see “Is Active”=yes and “Is Anchor”=yes)
then save it.Those set your rootcategory1

Add Subcategory::
Now we have to add category1-category4.
Now select RootCategory1 and click subcategory from Left to corner where rootcategory selected.
Now add those category1-4 and the important things must follow for subcategories also.

Add rootCategory to website::
Go to System->Manage Store
Then click the website under “Store Name” and then assign “Root Category*” value to “RootCategory1” from dropdown list.

Repeat these procedure for Rootcategory2 for Website2.


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