Add A New Menu Item

Now we will discuss about How to manupulate menu in SE.

Actually SE does not provide any Iterface for Menu in admin section. We have to edit Database for creating a new menu

Module Menu

INSERT IGNORE INTO `engine4_core_menuitems` (`name`, `module`, `label`, `plugin`, `params`, `menu`, `submenu`, `order`) VALUES
('core_admin_main_plugins_[modulename]', '[modulename]', '[Module Level]', '', '{"route":"admin_default","module":"[modulename]","controller":"[controllername]","action":"[actionname]"}', 'core_admin_main_plugins', '', [order]);

core_admin_main_plugins = Plugins Manin Menu[if we use it then our module will display under Plugin Menu]
core_admin_main = Main Menu [if we use it, it will show in main nave bar]


('core_admin_main_plugins_sport', 'sport', 'Sport', '', '{"route":"admin_default","module":"sport","controller":"manage","action":"browse"}', 'core_admin_main_plugins', '', 999);

Sub menu Under it.

('[modulename]_admin_main_[uniquename]', '[modulename]', '[Menu Level]', '', '{"route":"admin_default","module":"[modulename]","controller":"[controllername]","action":"[actionname]"}', '[modulename]_admin_main', '', [order]);


('sport_admin_main_manage', 'sport', 'Manage Sports', '', '{"route":"admin_default","module":"sport","controller":"manage","action":"browse"}', 'sport_admin_main', '', 1),


In Controller

$this->view->VariableThatUseInView = Engine_Api::_()->getApi('menus', 'core')
                ->getNavigation('[main_menu_name]', array(), '[active_sub_menu]');

VariableThatUseInView = navigation
main_menu_name = sport_admin_main
active_sub_menu = sport_admin_main_manage

$this->view->navigation = $navigation = Engine_Api::_()->getApi('menus', 'core')
                ->getNavigation('sport_admin_main', array(), 'sport_admin_main_manage');

In View

<?php if (count($this->navigation)): ?>
    <div class='tabs'>
        echo $this->navigation()->menu()->setContainer($this->navigation)->render()
<?php endif; ?>

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