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Smarty Basic part 1

I am going to describe some basic of smarty.

First we can start from very basic. I don’t know how match I can share but I can try to share what I know about it.

A official site remain for smarty. Click  From here we can get all help. I am here just share what I am understand.

Smarty mainly a PHP Template Engine . Using it, we can make our life very easy. It is very fast comparing to other Template Engine and also very comfortable for everybody. We can give all the tension to the Smarty and more concentrate about our PHP coding.

Now beginning to install it. I am using “Wampserver”. And I think all of us are well known about “Wamserver”.

When we visit the official site we can download the core file. I am using version 3.1.7. After we downloading it we have two folder.

  1. demo
  2. libs

demo: is a demo example of using the Smarty.

libs: is the library folder where all the library file are kept.

So when we are going to use it at any project we just copy the “libs” folder and show it’s path to our system.


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